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Sun Prairie Skating Academy

Welcome to the Sun Prairie Skating Academy!

Welcome to the Sun Prairie Skating Academy, proud member of the Learn To Skate USA program.

The mission of Learn To Skate USA is to provide a fun and positive experience that will instill a life long love of skating.


  • Provide a progressive curriculum that ensures success from the first steps on the ice to the mastery of advanced skills.
  • Teach children and adults the fundamentals of ice skating while building confidence and skills through each lesson.
  • Promote health and fitness benefits of ice skating.
  • Equip each participant with the foundation necessary for them to reach their goals be it recreational or competitive in nature.

Contact Katelyn Smecko, Skating Director for more questions! (608)669-4611 or


The Skating Academy Professional Staff

All Skating Academy coaches are members of USFS and/or Professional Skaters Association. We have over 50 years combined coaching experience and are here to serve you!

 Please click on the "figure skating" tab and go to "coaches" on the drop down menu to see the professional experience each of our coaches can offer to you or your skaters.

Class Levels

All new skaters with no previous lesson experience will register as follows:

Ages 3-6 : Snowplow Sam 1
Ages 7-12 : Basic 1
Ages 13-18 We are not currently running an adult class, but skaters are encouraged to register for Basic 1 class and we will do our best to group skaters according to age.

Skaters will progress through a series of skill levels. Skaters must register for Learn to Skate USA prior to registering for their first skating session of the season. See "Learn to Skate USA registration information" on this page. Curriculum is set by Learn to Skate USA guidelines to ensure a successful progression of skill mastery. Please see Skill Levels PDF for complete class curriculum. 

Skaters who continue to advance through the levels will learn skills that will prepare them to compete in figure skating or play hockey!


Give your skater an "EDGE" up! Learn to skate, then learn to play hockey!

Benefits of learning to skate before learning to play hockey:

Our Learn to Skate USA program is endorsed by USA Hockey and we will teach you the basic skills that will help you succeed as a hockey player! You will learn forward and backward skating, stops, curves and turns BEFORE you learn how to play hockey. 

Skaters ages 3-6 are recommended to complete Snowplow Sam 1 and 2. Skaters ages 7-12 are recommended to complete Basic 1 and 2 levels.

Class days and times

All classes meet one time per week for 30 minutes. Class registration fee includes one class per week, skate rental and an open skate pass.

Tuesdays-- 5:15-6:15

5:15-5:45: Basic 2,3,4,5,6, and All Freestyle levels
5:45-6:15: Snowplow Sam 1,2,3,4, Basic 1 and All Hockey levels



Saturdays-- 10:15-11:15

10:15-10:45 : Snowplow sam 1,2,3,4, Basic 1 and All Hockey levels

10:45-11:15: Basic 2,3,4,5,6, and All Freestyle levels

New This Season - Practice Ice - To improve takes practice!

Just like playing a musical instrument or any other sport to improve your skills takes practice and focus!

Beginning Tuesday, October 25 practice ice will either precede or follow class lesson times:
Tuesdays and Thursdays: 5:15-5:45 or 5:45-6:15 depending on what time your class is, practice ice will preceed or follow your classes.

Saturdays: Practice ice is 10:15-10:45

Skaters will be able to purchase this additional 30 minute practice ice the first night of each new session for $10.00 for the length of the session.

Or $2.00 per session. Exact change only - rink has no change or credit card readers.

Practice ice is for focused skill review and for registered Skating Academy students, no parents or siblings allowed on ice. Skaters will skate on one half  or 1/4 of ice surface as classes are held on other half of surface. Coaches will supervise the practice times, but this is not a lesson time. 

Register for the additional practice ice the first night of class by submitting $10.00 (checks or cash only - checks to SP-ice inc). Skaters must sign in and pay at ice door before taking the ice. 

Skaters may practice on a different night than their class - but only ONE practice ice per $10.00 registration fee.  Practice ice registration fee is paid at the rink and is NOT offered online. 

Your First Day of Classes

Important information regarding your first day, please read to be prepared to skate!

What to Wear

Warm layered clothing that skaters can move in, a multi-sport helmet, gloves or mittens. Please no super bulky snow pants or suits, hockey helmets with face wires , knee or elbow pads. These restrict movement and sight and make it difficult to learn and skate.

When to Arrive

To ensure your skater has an enjoyable experience, we recommend arriving 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled class. The skater will then have time to settle, use the restroom and get their skates on. It is stressful for skaters, parents and coaches when skaters are late.

Where to Go

Skaters should enter the TUBBS arena and proceed to their immediate LEFT down the ramp to skate rental counter.

 Upon entering the main doors go to your immediate left to enter the Tubbs arena - if you go straight through double doors, you will be in the arena lobby area and may not find your classes.

 All classes are held in the Tubbs arena. Proceed to skate rental and then to an assigned locker room. Please do not tie your skates in the lobby area as we need that room for skaters. Bring all your belongings to your assigned locker room each week. Skaters will meet their coach in the locker room the first class and then will wait at ice door for coach the remainder of the lessons. No skaters are allowed on the ice without a coach.

More Information

Please scroll down this column for more information regarding special events, practice ice and other useful tips.

How To Register

To assist with online registration for a Skating Academy classes we've provided the following guidelines:

  • Look at the class days and times available under class schedules "days/times"
  • Choose a class day and time
  • Click on Registration link for the session you wish to register for
  • Don't forget: If you are a new student or continuing student who is registering for a new season, please join Learn To Skate USA before registering with us. You will need an LTS USA membership number to receive badges for skill progression at the end of your class. Plus, being a member has many nice benefits of it's own.

All registrations will be online starting with Fall 2017 sessions.

Confirmations will not be made. Please plan on attending the class you have registered for unless you hear from us. Save your receipt and mark your lesson time on your calendars.

Season Schedule

Fall/Winter Sessions- Tuesday nights 5:15-5:45

Session 1: Sept 19 - Oct 24,   6 weeks,  $90.00
Session 2: Nov 7 - Dec 12,   6 weeks,  $90.00

Session 3: Jan 2- Feb 6,   6 weeks,  $90.00

Session 4: Feb 13- March 20,   6 weeks,  $90.00
Session 5:

Session 6:

Fall/winter sessions: Saturday mornings 10:15-11:15

Session 1: Sept 23- Oct 28,   6 Weeks, $90.00

Session 2: Nov 4- Dec 16,   6 Weeks, $90.00

Session 3: Jan 6- Feb 10,   6 weeks,  $90.00

Session 4:  Feb 17- March 24,   6 weeks,  $90.00

Session 5: April 7- May 19,   7 weeks,  $105.00


Summer 2018: Tuesday Nights 5:15-6:15 

Summer 1: June 5- June 26,   4 weeks,  $60.00

Summer 2: Aug 7- Aug 28,   4 weeks,  $60.00

NO July classes.

Register by clicking on the class program link you are interested in.

Learn to Skate USA

All Skating Academy students must register for a Learn to Skate USA membership before enrolling in the Skating Academy classes. You will need your Learn to Skate USA membership number to register for Skating Academy beginning September 1.

Skaters who registered last season will need to renew their memberships this fall. Membership runs annually: July 1- June 30.

Join Learn to Skate USA today! Membership is $16.00 and includes a skating progress booklet with stickers that we will be using in class to chart your skill progression and a subscription to the Basic Skills skating magazine. Use the button below to go to Learn to Skate USA’s site and register.

Refund Policy

No refunds will be given after the first class has met.

We reserve the right to cancel or combine classes with low enrollment.

Class Make Up Policy

  • Skaters are allowed one make up class per session
  • Make up class must be made during current session
  • There are no make-up sessions during summer classes
  • Please contact Katelyn Smecko (608)669-4611 to get approval on class time