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OBHL, C-Tourney 2015

OBHL-C TOURNEY - September 25-27, 2015

Hosted by the Sun Prairie Ice Arena

Join us for the 3rd ever OBHL-C Adult Hockey Tournament to be held the weekend of September 25-27 at the Sun Prairie Ice Arena. Last year marked the 2nd ever OBHL-C tourney and it was an absolute blast with many of the participants pleading for us to run another tournament. So we listened, tweaked the format a little, and are now ready for the games to begin.

Visit the "official" OBHL Invitational Tourney website.

About the Tournament

The Fall OBHL-C Tournament is designed to give our OBHL-C player, as well as our OBHL-D and our core skill clinic players, the opportunity to compete in a full-filled fall tournament weekend at the beautiful Sun Prairie Ice Arena. 8-10 teams will participate in the event (depending on registration numbers) and each team is guaranteed a minimum of four games. Games will begin Friday night (Sep 25th) and conclude with the championship round on Sunday. Players may either join an existing team by contacting the GM of that team or be placed on a wait list where GM's looking for players can "draft" players onto their team.

Note that because of overall numbers and the required distribution of talent on each team, there is a chance that registered players may not end up on a tournament team. In this case, all registration fees will be refunded to the player. In addition to the tournament games, there will be a skills competition featuring a hardest shot contest, a most accurate shooting contest, a most accurate passing contest, a fastest skater contest, and a breakaway shot contest.

Tournament Format

  • Cost is $75 per skater, $25 per goalie
  • Cost includes 5 tokens for skill competition (more can be purchased day-of for $2 each)
  • 4-game minimum
  • Spots are limited and will fill up fast, so be sure to sign up ASAP
  • GMs (General Managers) are asked to pull players from the current set of OBHL-C/D/CSC players or the player pool. (exceptions can be made if approved by the other GMs)
  • Each player will be allowed a maximum of three goals per game. If your OBHL rating is 9 or higher you're limited to 2 goals per game maximum
  • If a player takes three penalties in one game, that player will not be allowed to play in the next game
  • Points:
    • 4 points for a win
    • 2 points each for a tie (no OT or shootout for pool play)
    • 1 point for each period won. This does not mean every period ahead. (i.e.: if neither team scores in a period, nobody gets the point. Or, if in the second period both teams scored twice, again no point, even if one team is ahead after that period)
    • 1 point for a team that has zero penalties in a game

Skills Competition Format

The competition will be broken into two separate skill divisions (an upper level and a lower level) and prizes will be awarded for each contest winner in each division. Each participant will also receive a free drink coupon from our Willie Ty's (our on-site restaurant) and a discount coupon for Pete's Skate Shop (opening the weekend of the tournament on site). Members of the winning team will also receive a free commemorative t-shirt to celebrate their victory.

New Tourney Rules

Check out the updated (as of 9/1/2015) OBHL Tourney Rules. They're important and help ensure a fun, professional, and successful tournament.

OBHL Tourney Rules >>

Tourney Website

After registering, your name will be sent to our tournament website ( where you will be placed onto a team or added to the waitlist for GMs to choose from. The site will feature all of the event details: schedule, standings, team rosters etc.; so check there often.

Tourney Contacts

Jake Ruesch

OBHL Tourney Coordinator

Rohan Karmarkar

OBHL Tourney Goalie Coordinator

Jeff Thornton

SP-Ice Arena President

Steve Kalinosky

OBHL-C Division Commissioner