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C-Division Details

Looking for details about the current season (or our next season)? Check out our OBHL, C-Division Overview page.

About the OBHL C-Division

For adult skaters with a bit more experience playing organized hockey. While puck-play is faster than D, the name of the game here is fun and class. Players understanding basic hockey systems, strategy, and positioning excel here.

Other OBHL Divisions and Clinics

The Sun Prairie Ice Arena (SP-Ice) and the Old Buzzard Hockey League (OBHL) offer a handful of options for the adult ice hockey player. From seasoned (former) athlete to beginners to lower-level intermediate skaters, the OBHL provides plenty of opportunities to play the game we all love.

About the OBHL B-Division

Extensive experience playing organized hockey required. Generally, B-level players make harder shots, play faster (than D or C), expect teammates to understand hockey systems, strategy, positioning, etc. while still having fun and staying classy.

About the OBHL D-Division

For adult skaters wishing to enjoy hockey at a slower pace, newer players wishing to build their skills in a supportive environment, and experienced players who enjoy mentoring others. Attitudes and coast-to-coast puck hogs not welcome.

About the Core Skills Clinic

CSC coaches ice hockey fundamentals allowing adult skaters with beginner to lower-level intermediate skills to learn about how to be a better ice hockey player, teammate, and opponent. It's a learning environment thriving on teamwork.