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Sun Prairie Rage Women's Hockey

Photo Credit: N. Veldkamp (Bench Fun White/D3)

Sun Prairie Rage Hockey Club

The Sun Prairie Rage is a Woman's Hockey Club for women ages 18+, located at Sun Prairie Ice Arena.

We play in the Women's Central Hockey League (WCHL), with 1000+ players, 60+ teams, 7 divisions in 4 States.


(D6) Rage Beginner/Novice team


D6 – Beginner/Novice Wow, you can totally hockey stop now, you can even send a tape-to-tape pass on occasion. You can transition from front to back without falling, mostly.

(D5) Rage Intermediate team


D5 – Low intermediate - Hey, they can carry the puck, look up and pass, skate backwards, lift the puck for a shot about half the time may have had formal hockey training up to U8

(D2) Rage Advanced


D2 – Lower Advanced - Former high school, collegiate club players or those with formal hockey training of 8+ years.


NOTE* You're never too old to learn. We've had players start in their 40's or older. Contact us if you're interested.

Our teams are for ages 18+ yrs old. Don't be shy, if you want to try, Contact us for more info. Most of us have started as older adults. It's a fun journey.

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Sun Prairie Rage D3 Champions 2017-18

Rage D7 2017 Champions!

Grey Division Champions 1-0 (OT/SO) 2015


Join the Sun Prairie Rage

Learn more about our league, how to join & what it takes to play hockey with the Rage.

WCHL Play-offs

Location and Dates. Also includes Past Sun Prairie Rage Championship pictures.

Photo Credit: N. Veldkamp (Blue/D5 Team)

Rage Club Contacts

Dottie Degnan

D5 Team Contact (Club Manager)

Sherry Holly

D2 Team Contact


D7 Team Contact